Build the end to end personal data flow that's give back control to your users.

Guaranteeing control, privacy, transparency and compliance in a trusted environment.

Use data, Share data!

Two ways to take advantage of the platform.

Either you link the data of your users to the platform and get the opportunity of using their data in complete transparency, or you go further and let the partners use the data of your users to improve their products and services while guaranteeing a full privacy.

We enable both !

Manage and use personal data transparently while giving back control to users.

We are working hard to integrate with Data Catalog Solutions to seamlessly connect personal data to the platform.If you are interested please contact us.

I'm a Data Provider

Personalise products and services while guaranteeing a full privacy of your users.

Our Developer portal and Data workbench gives you the opportunity to try and test the consent based authorization and personal data processing.

I'm a Data Consumer

Any data sources, multiple data catalogs, one personal knowledge graph

Let us do the hard work of integrating, normalising against market standards and maintaining data sources while you innovate!

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Implement privacy & control in any application in just a few minutes

Rapidly integrate personal consents, confidential processing and data pods with existing applications so you can focus on your core business.

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Decentralised Consents

Engage your users with trust and give your users the ability to activate and revoke consents in a user-friendly way.

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Confidential Data Cages

Easily configure your enclaves to deploy and protect the integrity of your code and data. Support algorithmic outcome, without sacrificing data privacy.
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Personal Data Pods

Use Personal Data Pods to store derived data into users’ self controlled personal data store.

With a few lines of code you can have the end to end flow integrated in any app written in any language, and any framework.
We provide API's, Data Workbench & SDK to help you succeed on your implementation.
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